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Small Refrigerated Compressor

Small dc compressor for refrigerated cooling system!

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Small Refrigerated Compressor

Compressor is a key component to refrigeration and air conditioning applications. Compressors are the “heart” of such appliances, comparable to a car engine or even the human heart. RIGID Technologies now presents the lightest, more compact and more efficient BLDC Inverter Compressor. This small refrigerated compressor has been widly used in compact refrigeration applications such as fiber laser marking machine, as well as small refrigeration system. Besides, Rigid small refrigerant compressor has long been used to cool telecommunications equipment and some high performance computers.

All in all, Rigid miniature compressor usage has been confined to high-value, relatively small, and portable applications. The advantage of its ultra small size with outstanding powerful cooling capacity are fairly well known. It can provide heat sinks at below ambient temperatures, remove large amounts of heat using relatively low power, and can protect electronic components from overheating.

Figure 1. Rigid micro compressor matches with our patented Sine Wave Driver.

Figure 2. The tiny compressor is a rotary design with a rolling piston driven by a brushless DC motor running at 12V, 24 V or 48VDC.

Figure 1. Miniature refrigeration compressor.

Miniature dc compressor

Figure 2. Structure of miniature compressor.

Rigid history, Compressor development

Figure 3. Liquid Chiller Module by adopting new miniature compressor has been used in Portable mini-chilled water system and medical equipments.

Liquid Chiller Module

Utilizing the miniature compressor, we can complish precision electronic system cooling. A major obstacle to building a small electronic system is portability and affordable miniature refrigeration compressors where space and noise are requested. Rigid mini compressor has tackle this problem with its ultra small size (measuring only 5.6 cm in diameter x 7.8 cm high and weighing only 720 g) and now it has been become available and very well-received in electronic cooling systems and medical imaging equipment. Please check following Figure 3 for this application.

Figure 3. Precision Electronic system incorporating new miniature compressor.

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Nowadays Miniature refrigerator compressor has been applied to a wide variety of mobile electronics systems and mini water cycling system. According to our lab test for water chiller, the temperature of 2L pure water is able to reach 15 degree from 30 degree in 5 minutes. Besides, Today’s high-end electronics require outstanding cooler compressor to meet the ever growing demands of mobile networking, surveillance and computing. With the progressing of compact refrigeration systems, the miniature compressors can be met to mitigate potential mission reliability and durability issues with minimal impact on system's size and weight.

Table 1. Design specification for compressors QX14 & QX19 Series.

dc compressor specification

Table 2. Compressor Accessories.

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