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Mini Water Chiller for Scalp Cooling Therapy Device

The World's Smallest Chiller for Scalp Cooling Therapy Device for Hair Preservation for Chemotherapy Patients.

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Mini Water Chiller for Scalp Cooling Therapy Device

Tiny Chiller with Cold Caps for Hair Preservation for Chemotherapy Patients

A compact liquid cooler has applications in different industries. It’s popular in motorsports, used in vegetable planting, aquarium cooling, and medical applications. In addition, the specific working process of fluid chillers makes them suitable for cooling caps used by chemotherapy patients. 

As the world's number one min chiller for hair loss prevention in breast cancer chemotherapy, the RIGID Compact Cooling System is internationally recognized as the best on the market.


What Are Cold Caps and How They Work?

In some cases, chemotherapy drugs can lead to hair loss and hair loss-related hair loss, so scalp cooling can prevent such hair loss by inhibiting the effects of these medications. With scalp cooling, patients can retain a good amount of their hair even after they have undergone chemotherapy.  

Many people who undergo chemotherapy retain all of their hair. With scalp cooling, people can maintain some privacy, retain some control, and maintain a positive attitude toward therapy.

Hair loss is a common side effect of chemo, and patients consider it important to minimize these problems. The cold cap chemotherapy patients use freezes the scalp. That helps to reduce chemo’s influence on the scalp, which can prevent hair loss. 

The research confirms these caps can help to manage alopecia that appears during treatments. From the perspective of patients, caps for chemo patients are easy to use. All it takes is putting them on the head. 

RIGID Mini Water Chiller is specifically designed to meet the needs of both patients and scalp cooling therapy device manufacturers. Patients with breast cancer, on most commonly used chemotherapy drug regimens, can use RIGID Scalp Cooling System. It is perfect match for chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer. 

With a compact design, RIGID mini water chiller is easy to use, convenient to transport, and easily to integrate into medical device. Its smallest footprint and lightest weight is perfect fit medical or aesthetic machines which space and weight are critical. 


Mini Water Chiller for Scalp Cooling Therapy Device


The Role of Mini Chillers in Cold Cap Treatments

You’ll find two types of cold caps in the market. The first one uses a cold gel, which requires changing every 30 minutes. That’s why it’s much better to use a cap that comes with a liquid coolant.

RIGID designed a tiny cooler that’s perfect for this application. The machine features an excellent combination of compact size and impressive performance. Our miniature chiller has dimensions of 13x7.9x5.4 inches while weighing only 7.7 pounds.

A mini cooler starts by absorbing the heat from the fluid. It uses the R134A refrigerant for this absorption. The chiller moves liquid via piping and uses a pump to get it to the evaporator.


Why Is a Tiny Cooler Important for Cold Caps?

Caps for chemo patients should be small enough to fit on the patient’s head. That’s why the compactness of each system component is important. A tiny cooler fits those requirements perfectly.

For the cold caps to be successful, the compressor should deliver adequate performance. That means getting the temperature to 32F but also maintaining it at that level. Consistency is crucial since the scalp should remain frozen during the treatment. RIGID’s mini chiller is excellent at retaining the same temp levels throughout long periods.


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What Are the Advantages of RIGID’s Mini Water Chiller?

Our tiny cooler is a result of years of research and development. We gathered a team of experts to design a product that will be suitable for various applications. 

We have designed our mini water chiller to be portable, its compact size makes it assemble to cold cap therapy device easily. The cold cap therapy system manufacturers or companies can produce their cold cap system by a mini cooling modules. 

Customers can use their portable Cold Cap System at home or even travel to and from your treatment center while finishing your Cold Cap Therapy.


Here are the crucial features of the RIGID mini water chiller:

  • Versatility. 

Our mini water cooler is suitable for various industries, and it has multiple medical applications. You can use it for any equipment that requires recirculating cooling to a certain temperature. That means cold caps for chemo patients perfectly fit this requirement.


  • Lightweight and compact. 

This surprisingly light cooler also features a compact size. Our team worked hard to ensure efficient performance in a small machine. In addition to having a compact size, the cooler is also surprisingly light. As a small machine, it provides high efficiency.

  • 2.5 kgs/5.5lbs;
  • Size: 200x230x145 mm/7.8x9.0x5.7 inch
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  • Multiple voltage options. 

You can pick from 12V, 24V, and 48V variations depending on your requirements. The chiller is also compatible with various currents. A variety of voltages are available, runs on battery, dc power supply or car battery.


  • It includes a sine wave drive board. 

This is important because it ensures achieving and maintaining optimal temperature. The consistency is impressive, and that’s what cold caps require. A cold cap requires consistency in order to maintain optimal temperature. The RIGID mini wter chiller consistency is impressive, and that's what it needs.

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  • Easy to assemble and flexible. 

The product is a complete cooling unit including refrigerants. It might remind you a kind of a mini-refrigerator. Easy to integrate into cold cap therapy system. Besides, you can get desired temperature by adjusting compressor speeds. The drive board is variable speed ranges 2000rpm to 6000rpm.

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  • Pick the desired speed. 

RIGID’s chiller includes a motor drive controller. That means you can choose from multiple cooling options to suit your application.

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RIGID uses top-quality components for designing its liquid coolers. That ensures maximum durability, which ensures maximum value for money. The expensiveness is among the reasons why cold caps aren’t that widespread. Thanks to the affordability of our chiller, the use of these treatments during chemo sessions could increase. If you have any questions regarding our products, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Tiny Chiller for Scalp Cooling Therapy Device prevents hair loss during chemotherapy