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Personal Cooling System - AlphaCooler

It might be the most power & smallest footprint cooler
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Personal Cooling System - AlphaCooler

After 2 years research and development, RIGID technology has successfully produce this most compact whilst powerful cooler - AlphaCooler!

AlphaCooler is a light-and-lively mini cooling system. Less Weight. More Power. Minimal footprint with extraordinary cooling capacity. This compact cooler is a commercial off-the-shelf product. No Maintanence. No Ice. No Hassel. It can provide 24/7 continously cooling in a hot environment. It's specially used to increase personal effectiveness in hot weather conditions or while using thicker protective equipment, markets include hospital, medical, military, fire fighters, outdoor workers, 1st responders, and racing...

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RIGID - is a China manufacturer and supplier of compact cooling systems, working in close cooperation with the leading United States and European manufacturers of Airconditioning & Refrigeration. 

RIGID - is different from other companies as it features a Innovation oriented combined with functionality. We focus on miniature cooling and keep looking for novel solution in small cooling industry.

RIGID - does not spend a massive budget on marketing and advertising, making the prices of our small cooling units affordable to customers and market.

* All products are designed and manufactured in accordance with strict manufacturing instructions of RIGID management.

We provide direct delivery from China to the personal person, company, manufacturer as well as large retail chains in USA, Asia, Russia, Europe and the Middle East.

* The production capacity is working according to the European quality and environmental control standards, which are certified in accordance with the international standards ISO 9001.

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