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DC Condensing Units

12V&24V&48V, R134A

· DC Condensing Units,Refrigeration Units,Compact cooling unit
DC Condensing Units

DC Condensing Units

RIGID DC Condensing Units' compact size and reliable performance make them ideally suited for mobile or portable cooling applications. Our patented groundbreaking miniature compressors are ideally suited for compact water chiller, cooling electronics, precision instrument, and in numerous commercial & personal appliance types, where space and weight are important.

Compact refrigeration unit's applications

Prototype 1: Custom refrigeration module for Medical Equipment, environmental friendly! Click here!

Prototype 2: Compact module for Portable Cooling Equipment, more +30% Efficiency! Click here!

DC Condensing Unit Specification

See our miniature compressors & prototypes, click here!

Rigid honor, Our history. click here!