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Medical Fridge

DC 12V/24V & AC 220V

· Medical Fridge,Mobile Fridge,Portable freezer

Medical Fridge

The medical fridge using mixed refrigerants throttling refrigeration technology, provides miniature cryogenic storage devices with a wide temperature ranges from -40 to -80℃.



1. Lightest weight (only 15kgs);

2. Lower noise (<45dB) and very low energy consumption;

3. Power Supply: DC Battery, Vehicle Power, AC 220V;

4. Integrated temperature controller,  temperature ranges from -40 to -80℃.


Medical Refrigeration;

Cryogenic refrigerator for Lab;

Internal transportation between buildings;
Alternative of dry ice for fieldwork sampling;
Vaccine, organs and DNA refrigeration;

Storage and transport of stem cells / organization / blood product;
Clinical trials etc...

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