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  • Rigid Refrigeration System

    Rigid specializes in the design of Miniature Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Systems and provide cooling solutions to meet our customers' specific requirements which is minimize weight, smallest footprint and affordable price.

    • Liquid Chiller System

    The Liquid Chiller system has been widely used in Portable Cooling System or Medical Equipment. This product utilizes a refrigeration cycle to remove heat from various liquids and release it into the atmosphere.

    • Direct Refrigeration System

    The Direct Refrigeration System is widely used in LBP applications (Evaporating temperature below -23.3 degree C) such as Portable Freezer and Mobile Refrigerator.

    • Air Conditioning System

    Our AC System is Ultra-Compact Size & Portable Design allows end users mount anywhere, and comfort anywhere you need it. The AC system is an ideal climate-control system for your air conditioning.

  • Bring Compact & Efficient Cooling Solutions to Portable Application

    • Prototype 1: Custom refrigeration module for Medical Equipment, environmental friendly! Click here!
    • Prototype 2: Compact module for Portable Cooling Equipment, more +30% Efficiency! Click here!
    • Prototype 3: Miniature module for Driver Cooling System, light weight & mobile! Click here!
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