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Medicine Storing for Lanxu Pharmaceutical Co.

Copeland Air Cooled Outdoor Condensing Unit

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Copeland Condensing Unit for coldroom medicine refrigeratrion

The project is building a cold room for medicine storing for Zhejiang Lanxu Pharmaceutical Co., LTD., which covers an area of about 200 square meters and has a net height of 3.5 meters.

Compressor: Original Copeland Scroll

The design temperature of the coldroom is: +20 / +25 degrees, It is equipped with 4 sets of 6 HP Copeland air cooled condensing units (compressor model: ZR72KCE-TFD-522, R-404a refrigerant).

Evaporator: Customized High-Efficiency

The air cooler chooses 4 sets high energy efficiency evaporators IDH-8.4/40. Considering client's special requirements, as well as having better cooling performance, those 4 evaporators are lined up inside the cold storage. The customized evaporator equipped with high-efficiency motor fan can fully reach every corner of the coldroom to ensure the uniform cooling of items and gain better refrigeration effect. Plus, each condensing unit and evaporator use separate matched electric control box for independent control.

Air Curtain:

1pcx 150cm x 150cm

Installation & Service:

Our engineers have to do a bunch of work before we start the project, 1) apply rigorous problem analysis, 2) build models of proposed solutions, 3) have to figure the expenses, 4) finalize the program with client.

Regarding the project of Lanxu Pharmaceutical Co. there are 8 windows in the original warehouse, our proffesional personnels decided to use thicker 75mm foam steel sandwich board for sealing. Besides, we also use a set of 150cm efficiency wind curtain installing at the coldroom gate.

From all the materials and refrigeration parts getting ready, to the installation and debugging getting done; It takes 4 days to have this project done! During the time, our sophisticated personnels overcome the high temperature of 42 degree and power failure and no aircon cooling etc. The dedication and professionalism of the staff, along with the advanced installation and operations, impressed our clients.

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