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Aquatic & Seafood Refrigeration Chain

MCU Series Bitzer Air Cooled Condensing Unit

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Aquatic & Seafood Refrigeration Chain-RIGID HVAC

Xiangshan city is one of the largest aquatic products processing bases in China. The customer is a well-known local seafood processing enterprise, mainly engaged in the purchase of aquatic products, processing and wholesale etc. The contract is providing refrigeration solution of four cold rooms for local aquatic & seafood cooling and freezing.

The whole project requires 4 cold storages, with a total capacity of about 1,000 cubic meters. Two of them are low-temperature cooling rooms, the other two are low-temperature quick-frozen rooms.

Each cooling room is equipped with two 20 HP Bitzer semi-hermetic air cooled condensing units, while each quick-frozen room equipped with one 30 HP Bitzer semi-hermetic air cooled condensing units.

Every cold room is equipped with an separated electric control box. The automatic temperature and humidity recorder are installed with 24-hour monitoring. Besides, at the request of customers, the coldrooms use 100mm thick stainless steel polyurethane plates, and the edges of the joints are treated according to the standard of the clean room.

The ground adopts professional standard floor which is specially used for cold storage. Inside the cold room, we use seamless steel tube evaporator for having better cooling perdormance. The amount of tube is about 10 tons.