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Ultra-Low Temp Portable Freezer


· Portable freezer,Vaccine refrigerator,Medical Cooling
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Portable DC Freezer

Product Overview:

Adopting the throttling refrigeration technology by using cryogenic mixed-refrigerants, RIGID supplies miniature and compact refrigerating devices, whose evaporating temperature reaches -40 ~-80 degree. Our portable freezer is less consumption, less weight and is able to charged by battery, solar power and car power.

Comparing to traditional cooling system such as free piston Stirling freezer, the throttling refrigeration technology has obvious advantages: environmental, energy saving, low cost and higher reliability, as well as very low working noise.



1. Portable Refrigeration;
2. Fieldwork sampling, instead of dry ice brilliantly;
3. Lab precious sample freezing and reserved or Clinical test etc.;
4. Medical and vaccine storage such as stem cells/organization/blood product/organs and DNA.


1. Simplicity and Portable
2. Low consumption, low noise<50 dB
3. Power supply: AC 220V and DC12V, DC24V
4. Vehicle-mounted, can be charged by car power
5. Integrated temperature controller: Evaporating temperature ranges -40 ~-80 degree.