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How Important to Look For A Reliable Supplier

Before you do business with me, you may interest want to know this
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Before you do business with me, you may interest want to know this

When I stepped into HVAC industry. I can see that most of people are men,it is rare to see women in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. So there's a common mistake that a lot of people do, is saying "See, how a lady could achieve?" "I don't think she can work on it" and many are said, "Oh, it’s made in China, so bad." Blablabla… For me, it doesn’t make sense to me, do you understand? So the most important thing is, especially for those Chinese who doing international business, you know, we’re viewed by a different set of rules. Even though I insist that the level of quality of product does not differ in different countries. There are good things and bad things in China, and there are good things and bad things in America too.

The question is, what you are living for?

Whenever I do something I don't think about I am doing this for money. It is passion first. I believe the business I do that I try to think of it as customers. What would they think of our product? What's their most concern?The problem is that a lot of importers may already thinking, that Chinese products are sucks! Why? The reason why I'm saying this is because when I was first into the HVAC industry, it was 10 years ago, I remember something very very very alarming to me is, I said:"we are made in China, our condensing units are produced by skilled technicians using brand compressors" and the buyer is like: "oh my god, Ann we know you well, but sorry we don't want Chinese products" I said:"what do you mean, why is made in China bad?" He said "These products are bad quality." "Chinese product is shit" blablabla…

I still remember the first time I ever wanted to cooperated with WOODWARD. I told them, hey I want to cooperate with you. and they said "Oh well, you're a China company, we’ve never bought products from China." And I said "half your PARTS and Materials are made in China, what are you talking about? How can you give us a voice in the international market when you are reply on our people to make half of your product" It took me half a year to keep showing them what we do, showing them that we’re not you know we’re, not at a lower level than others. So now, we are not only business partners, but also friends in life. And that’s a perseverance and that’s a really really hard work.

So from then on, I have to be very aware of product quality that I do and every suppliers I cooperate with. Because I value my credit standing and image and get further development. For me, promise is a promise, not just only business, it is commitment too. Then I cannot be working at just-so-so. My product Condensing Units has to be good on an international level (and the next year 2018, I start having my own Heat exchanger factory, this is absolutely better for me, cuz I am the person in charge), and only then I will be standing proud and say: "Yeah, this is Chinese made." And whenever I face my clients, I do business with them, I can be confident to say i am Chinese and proud what I have done.

I know that there's a large potential market there. There's a lot of money there. But I also know I can not lose the integrity of what I do and what I represent for money. And at the same time, a good product will sell itself. So for me, quality is the soul of one enterprise. So I think the most important thing is to understand, that everything we do we should be doing it for an international level. I know that a lot of buyers import products from China, they want cheap product. What they don't care is quality. But that is wrong. I'm telling you right now it's wrong. You know, you get what you pay for. Well, I am not trying to disrespect these people, but I am trying to say that we live in a very small world you know. We have to keep knowing what is good and keep bring what’s good.

Now I totally understand that doing business in China is a total different monster than doing business in America. But it is no difference of producing good product for China and producing good quality for the world. I won't lower my standards to meet some certain market. So I feel like that one of the most important things that I've never changed what I wanted to do, even though it's been hard really hard, but now people are finally telling me that they think that I am a trusted person can be truly relied on, of course I work hard for mutual benefits too.

There is one thing that I learned, people might not understand what you're doing or what you're thinking, but if you produce good product sooner or later they're gonna jump on and they will impress what you've done. The world is a small village, you are a part of the world, and I should follow my heart, act the way that I want to act. Cuz I know I represent my company. And I know I think one of the most important thing is, I've learned is, if you find a field that you love you really don't have to work anymore. You know it is not really work to me. cuz it's something that I love, something that I am passionate. You know there are some temptations or something there, and you may say, oh I am gonna go that market and try to make some fast money. Nine out of ten times we will lose. Because we're only trying to do it for finance.

Finance is secondary, passion is first.

Because if I have passion for something, no matter how hard it is, it is all worth it. But if I am trying to look for a dollar bill, I know there's a lot of places I can find easy money. But if I'm trying to do something for 10 to 15 years or even for my lifetime. I told myself, DO NOT be seduced into that trap. I don't want that everyday when I wake up I look at myself in the mirror and disappointed the person in the mirror. So I think another thing that I believe in myself and believe in my dreams, and find your own groove and stick to it, believe in it. And now I do business with developing countries and developed countries, I do it at the same quality level. I won't lower the quality just because other people are working at a lower standard or a lower level thinking. It's something that I've never bent over for anybody.

A lot people told me "Ann, you cannot change this" Yes, they probably right. But don't get me wrong, I love dead president too. What I don’t want is one-time deal. Stay committed and focused, I believe the results will come.

So take the good and try to make better HVAC products and try to make our world better. And I think that is the most important thing. I believe that I chase the vision, the money will end up following me.