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Direct Refrigeration System

Provides direct expansion cooling for aesthetic medicine, laser manufacturers

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Direct Refrigeration System

Direct cooling system provides direct expansion cooling which is particularly appealing to aesthetic medicine, laser manufacturers.

The compressor drives the refrigerant directly through the evaporator (cold plate). This concept eliminates the need for a water cooling loop (water pump, reservoir and associated tubing) resulting in a greatly simplified cooling system.

The dimensions are incredibly small for a system with over 200W of cooling capacity — 7.7”x6.3”x6.7” (~19.5 cm x 16 cm x 17 cm). In some portable refrigerators, this system can be easily integrated into refrigeration application. It is the most efficient cooling system on the market requiring only small volume portable fridge of electrical power for maximum cooling. A DC brushless motor powers the compressor and is available in 12VDC, 24VDC or 48VDC versions. Additionally, due to its small size, high reliability and high efficiency, the direct expansion system has found numerous applications, particularly in patient care and medical devices.

Direct small cooling system

There is nothing more effective in the market than Rigid small cooling systems to produce sustaining and efficient cooling capacity.

Rigid has been looking for novel solutions, we are creative and capture new technologies. Our success is based on continuous involvement in research and development.

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Direct small cooling system