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3.2cc More Powerful Compact Liquid Chiller

Latest Innovative 24V Liquid Chiller Module- DV3220E-C (70W~550W)

· 32 powerful chiller,Small Cooling System,Liquid Chiller Modul

Model Name: DV3220E-C (24V)

The world's smallest liquid chiller module with powerful cooling capacity 550W!

world's smallest liquid chiller module

We are extremely proud to launch our latest developed powerful chiller DV3220E-C (24V). The first sample unit is specially made for one of the UK clients who use it on medical-aesthetic device for liquid cooling. After more than 12 monthes researching and developing, the latest product water chiller is successfully done. We all know that the success is based on openess, trust, team spirit and desire to actively develop and improve. Rigid Technology-10 years of innovation in miniature compressor and compact cooling modules, we devote ourselves to bring compact and efficiency cooling solutions to portable applications where space and weight are the most important factors.

This ultra small liquid chiller is new and efficient. Thanks to its new design and advanced brushless direct current motor, this ultra small liquid chiller module deliver high performances with tiny body, enable to work in narrow space. It works even more quiet and the choice for state of the art technology.

Plus, the chiller heat exchanger is unique in design and diverse in capacity. Developed for ultra-tiny size, it can be an integral component of any compact cooling systems. Furthermore, the heat exchanger adopts state-standard stainless steel material, which is environmental friendly specially used in Medical and Beauty equipments.

Our philosophy is to develop unique, high added value and top quality products with impressive design to meet your special demand. Our customers are most important, we design thinking of you.


Following are rough specifications:


Product : Liquid Chiller Module (Coaxial type)

Model Name: DV3220E-C

  • Weight: 8.8 lbs / 4.0 kgs
  • R134A, 24V DC input
  • Brushless inverter compressor
  • Fully tested, simple to install unit
  • 238Btu~1,876Btu cooling capacity
  • Dimension: 28x19x15cm (11"x7.5"x5.9")


  • Integrated design, easily install
  • Large refrigeration capacity
  • Minimize weight&footprint&noise
  • Reliable & Energy efficient and very competitively price




  • Compact liquid chiller;
  • Liquid cycleing refrigeration;
  • Portable & compact hospital equipments cooling;
  • Medical & Aesthetic device liquid circulatory cooling;
  • Precision instrument or PC or mainboard or laser Cooling;
  • Special types of work (Military, Firefighting, Body cooling etc);
  • ... ... (Included above applications but not limited)
coaxial type heat exchanger
rigid hvac small cooling system

Working principle of small cooling system from RIGID Technology:

small cooling system working principle

Following are rough test results from the lab:

RIGID Liquid chiller module, dc compressor, 24v compressor, mini compressor

Laboratory test result: 1500ml water, Initial water temp 35.1℃ degree.

Chart 1. The Water outlet temp drops to 21.6℃ degree in only 5mins (Temp difference 13.5).

Test result from RIGID HVAC

Chart 2. The water temp drops to 0.3 ℃ / 32.5 ℉ from 31.5 in 15mins (Temp difference 31.2).

Test result from RIGID HVAC

There is nothing more effective in the market than Rigid small cooling systems to produce sustaining and efficient cooling capacity.

Video: Coaxial heat exchanger Liquid Chiller Module DV1920E-C

Rigid has been looking for novel solutions, we are creative and capture new technologies. Our success is based on continuous involvement in research and development.

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