DV2820E-P (R134A)
  • DV2820E-P (R134A)
  • DV2820E-P (R134A)
  • DV2820E-P (R134A)

DV2820E-P (R134A)

Product: Plate Liquid Chiller
Compressor: QX2802VDL (Twin-cylinder motor)
Voltage: DC 24V
Capacity: 230W (LBP)
Refrigerant: R134A
Size: 330x200x150mm / 13x7.9x5.9inch
Weight: 4.0kgs (8.82lbs)

Medical-Aesthetic Cooling; Liquid loop cycling refrigeration; small mobile thermal cooling system.
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Plate Liquid Chiller Applications

The Plate-P-type chiller module is the circulatory cooling subsystem. This compact liquid chiller is not only facilitated installation but also assures end users have an excellent cooling performance with a tiny refrigerated dc compressor. The plate liquid chiller is a miniature cooling system that especially applies to a microclimate cooling system and provides extraordinary cooling capacity for the extremely hot environment and confined space.


The benefits of a plate liquid chiller include an ultra-small radiator and high heat flux. It does not only facilitate installation but also assures end users have excellent cooling performance. Users only need to connect the liquid inlet pipe and outlet pipe to get the chilled liquid they expected. It applies to microclimate cooling systems and provides extraordinary cooling capacity for laser, computer, body cooling, racing, firefighter, EV battery, electronics, and medical & aesthetic devices...