DV1930E-AC (48V, Cool)
  • DV1930E-AC (48V, Cool)
  • DV1930E-AC (48V, Cool)
  • DV1930E-AC (48V, Cool)
  • DV1930E-AC (48V, Cool)
  • DV1930E-AC (48V, Cool)
  • DV1930E-AC (48V, Cool)

DV1930E-AC (48V, Cool)

600.00 - 620.00
Product: Powerful Micro Air Conditioner (Pro version)
Compressor: QX1903VDH
Voltage: DC 48V
Capacity: 450W (1,535Btu)
Refrigerant: R134A
Size: 350*260*180mm(13.77*10.23*7.08 inch)
Weight: 5.0kgs (11.02lbs)

Small Space Cooling;
Compact Air Conditioning;
Portable & compact cycle cooling;
Cabins, cuddy cabins and electric vehicles;
Carriage cooling for trucks and other specialized vehicles;
... ... (Included above applications but not limited)
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RIGID Micro DC Aircon is a compact solution for small & confined space cooling, such as cabins, cuddy cabins and electric vehicles etc.

The Small DC air conditioner module can run on power DC 12V/24V/ 48V, it easily connects to challenge confined space and extreme hot ambient!

Our portable air conditioner module is a sub-system perfect match for customers’ small space cooling which is powered by battery, grid, car power and solar power.

Similar to the traditional air conditioner, this type dc air conditioner is available as an outdoor or indoor unit because of its lightest weight and smallest size.

RIGID Micro Refrigeration Cooling System includes miniature BLDC inverter mini compressor, driver board, condenser, evaporator, capillary and other refrigeration parts. All these cooling parts are well integrated in one unit. It meets customers’ specific demands where weight and space are critical.

Super small volume: 350*260*180mm(13.77*10.23*7.08 inch)

Super lightweight: 4kgs (8.8lbs)

Variable speeds mini dc compressor

Mirco DC Aircon runs on 12V, 24V and 48V

Low vibration with anti-vibration cushion

The high-temperature working condition can work on battery, solar power, car power.


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