Cooling Unit VCU-01M-16
Product: Compact Vending Machine Compressor Deck
Unit Model: VCU-01M-16
Compressor Brand: EMBRACO
Cooling Capacity: 1,133W (3,864Btu)
Refrigerant: R134A
Evaporating Temp: 2 ~8 ℃ (35.6 ~46.4 F)

We offer compressor deck for antique and vintage coke machines, vending machine, as well as the modern soda vending machines.
Coming soon
Coming soon
More Details
RIGID HVAC has proudly announced that a new kind of cooling unit is successfully developed.
This is a complete refrigeration deck including a compressor, evaporator, condenser, etc. fully charged and tested to be working (cooling).
Very proud to put to use our years of expertise and precision workmanship to produce beautiful and efficient cooling units and condensing units.   
We offer compressor deck/cooling unit for antique and vintage coke machines as well as the modern soda vending machines.
Easy to install, works awesome.
No wiring, no piping, just plug in. 
Installed in minutes.
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