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    Today's Rigid is the miniature compressor innovation leader in China. We keep looking for novel solutions in compact & portable cooling systems. Our mini compressors provide the highest power density ever obtained in vapor compression cooling systems.


    At RIGID, we pride ourselves in the rapid development of small cooling technologies, and strong custom service. Our existing line of small cooling systems as well as newly designed dc air conditioner, from the ground up to virtually fit any applications.


    Whether you need new technology, product updates, or a new project for the future; we’ve got you covered. Our nice engineers work directly with you and give you the support and services you need to MAKE MORE.


    RIGID - More just than a compact cooling provider, we're one technology enterprise focuses on miniature cooling systems.


    Contact us to inquire about a compact cooling solution today.

  • We will collaborate and provide the best cooling solution for your device or application. We have the best engineers in the industry, that provide technical support to optimize your machines as quickly as possible.

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