• DC Cooling Units

    For the past 6 years, Rigid Technology has stood the test of time for the highest level of performance, quality, safety and innovation. All Rigid Standard Cooling Systems (1. Liquid Chiller System; 2. Direct Refrigeration System; 3. Air Conditioning system) are designed and manufactured with complete control of every step to ensure that Rigid's uncompromising standards for ultimate performance, unmatched reliability and highest durability are met. Besides standard chiller modules, Rigid also custom-made refrigeration units according to clients' demand. More details, feel free to click here.


    RIGID product's pocket size and portability and very competitive price enable us is irreplaceable. RIGID Technology is well known for their unique design and high tech precision manufacturing, resulting in products which outperform and outlast any other brand on the market today.


  • Custom Liquid Chiller System

    Liquid Chiller System

    The Future of Mobile Miniature Cooling System

    Rigid designs & manufactures custom modular Water-cooled Chiller to meet customers specific demand. We seek for the ultimate performance and reliability, which aim to meet the needs of efficient, portable, light weight and compact size.


    Features: Minimize weight & footprint & noise.

    DC Refrigeration Unit

    Direct Refrigeration System

    R134A Brushless Compressor


    DC 12V, 24V&48V variable speed inverter compressors, with adjustable speed at 1500 ~ 6500 rpm, is suitable for miniature freezer systems and small mobile refrigeration applications.


    Features: Compact Size, Low Noise and Portability.

    Air Conditioning system

    R134A Miniature Inverter Compressor

    This AC system use recirculated air in a sealed environment as the cooling mechanism. It removes heat from the air which is circulated through the system to cool the heat source.


    Features: Compact Size, High Efficient.

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