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MCU Series Condensing Units

Bitzer Air Cooled Indoor Condensing Unit

· condensing unit,Condenser,Heat Exchanger,Bitzer Compressor,HVAC

MCU Bitzer series

Nominal Capacity: 3 HP – 15 HP

Application Temperature: +5 °C to -40 °C

Refrigerant: R22, R404A



  • Compact packaged design
  •  Bitzer semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor
  •  Low noise and low vibration
  •  Reliable components for longer life

High Efficient Condenser

  • Hydrophilic coated aluminium fin against harsh ambient condition
  • Unique corrugated design effectively increases fin surface, produces higher rate of heat exchange
  • Copper tubes are arranged in a staggered pattern to enhance available tube surface
  • Inner-grooved copper tubes for higher cooling performance
Bitzer Air Cooled Indoor Condensing Unit
Bitzer Air Cooled Indoor Condensing Unit
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