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Highly Compressor Horizontal Condensing Unit

RCU Series , R404A Refrigeration Condensing Units 1~3HP, +10 ~ -40℃

· Condensing Unit,Highly Compressor,Horizontal Condenser,Cold Room cooling,Walkins cold room

RCU Highly Compressor Refrigeration Unit

horizontal condensing unit

Nominal Capacity: 1 HP – 3 HP

Application Temperature: +10 °C to -45 °C

Refrigerant: R404A


  •     Compact packaged design, space saving;
  •     Highly horizontal compressor;
  •     Low noise and low vibration;
  •     Reliable components for longer life.


1. Widely applied to supermarket store, cabinet, showcase, cold room, walkins, meat producing store, food processing, dairy products cooling, medicine stores, seeding processing store, medical lab etc;
2. Condenser with copper pipe plus aluminum fin type for high efficiency ans stabilization;
3. Low noise, low vibration, stable working with Highly compressors;
4. Convenient to enginner and repair with installation stop valves.

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