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    RIGID is one technology company focus on Miniature Compressor research and development. Plus, our team work directly with customers to provide custom refrigeration solutions and meet their specific requirements. Our products are specially used for liquid cycle refrigeration, small air conditioning and other mobile&portable refrigeration equipments. RIGID also deals with condensing units mainly use for commercial refrigeration such as food & beverage refrigeration, cold room storage etc.


    Compressor is a key component to refrigeration and air conditioning applications. Compressors are the “heart” of such appliances, comparable to a car engine or even the human heart. RIGID Technologies now presents the lightest, more compact and more efficient BLDC Inverter Compressor.


    Miniature Compressors

    Miniature Compressors

    DC Inverter Compressor

    • Portable Freezer
    • Water Dispenser
    • Vaccine Refrigerator
    • Ice Making Machine
    • Small Air Conditioner
    • Medical Device Cooling
    • Telecom Equipment Cooling
    • Miniature Refrigeration / Freezer system
    Miniature dc condensing units

    Small Cooling Units

    DC 12V 24V 48V, Mini Compressor

    • Portable Freeer
    • Water Dispenser
    • Beverage Cooling
    • Vaccine Refrigerator
    • Ice Making Machine
    • Portable Cooling System
    • Mini-Chilled Water Systems
    • Miniature Refrigeration System
    • Miniature Vehicle Aircon System
    Condensing Unit

    Condensing Units

    We offer a complete range of indoor and outdoor condensing units for commercial refrigeration applications.


    • Super Market Cabinet
    • Food & Beverage storage
    • Beverage Dispensers
    • ... ...
    RIGID Refrigeration Parts

    Refrigeration Parts

    HVAC Refrigeration Parts

    • Compressor
    • Evaporator
    • Condenser
    • Access Valve
    • Fan & Motor
    • Electronic Parts
    • Copper Filter Drier
    • Copper & Brass Fitting
    • Strainer & Accumulator
    • Cold Storage Parts
    • Tools & Parts for service
    • Refrigeration & Aircon parts

    Copper Coil Liquid Chiller

    Ultra Compact & Light Weight


    DC Condensing Unit

    Ultra Small Cooling Unit


    Stainless Steel Liquid Chiller

    Stainless St. Coil Evaporator


    Plate Type Liquid Chiller

    Frame and Plate Evaporator


    Coaxial Type Liquid Chiller

    Stainless St. Coaxial Evaporator


    Micro DC Aircon

    Ultra Compact & Light Weight


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